CSS Sprite sheet Animation

👋 Hello Codesigners! I recently designed a website for Artist Kim Eull and wrote a case study. I want to share the CSS Sprite sheet Animation tips that I used in this project in this article.

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1. Reduce image size in Photoshop

There are several ways to save PNG images in Photoshop.

I found a way to save it in the smallest size like the image below:

File> Export As > Smaller File (8-bit)

2. Make a sprite sheet in Photoshop

The sprite sheet size should be:

  • • Width = width of One Frame × Number of frames
  • • Height = height of One Frame


  • • 300px(frame width) × 30 frames = 9000px (width)
  • • 400px(frame height) = 400px (height)

3. Show > Grid

4. Setting grid size to fit a frame.

I configured gridline every 300px and subdivision as 1.

5. Put all images in the sprite sheet.

Put every PNG image in one sprite sheet like the image below:

Save this file as step 1 to get the smallest size file.

File> Export As > Smaller File (8-bit)



6. Write code

The above CSS animation ends with a blank image even though I put the animation-fill-mode: forwards; .

I wanted to stop on the last frame and thought about what I missed.

The value of steps should subtract one and the value of background-position should subtract the width of the frame.

Let’s change the code.


Finally, the animation ends in the last frame.


See the Pen
CSS Sprite sheet animation: pause on the last frame
by nana (@nanacodesign)
on CodePen.

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